Nike: Oregon to the world

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Nike, Inc. has been a long way since humble beginnings; from Oregon and now to the whole world. Former Blue Ribbon Sport was formed by two visionary men: Bill Bowerman, Retired Athlete and Coach of the University of Oregon; and Phil Knight, a runner who participated in the Bowerman Track-side program. The history of is based on a $ 500 handshake and mutual trust. Of course this was the best, not to mention the economic foundations that some of his career might have been.

The two princes started shoes from China; Knight started selling them from their car's trunk. Here he became the first salesman of the company. While Bowerman has tried to experiment with them, trying out what materials he can work to achieve better design and running performance, he has become an innovator of the product.

Nike, who was the Greek goddess of victory, was almost always embedded under or beside the famous "Swoosh" logo. This minimalist stamp logo is already part of the mainstream population of companies that design and manufacture sports shoes and other athletic equipment and clothing. Carlyn Davidson, in 1971, is the graphic designer of the Portland State University, the wings of the Greek goddess where the name of the company comes from. In addition, the check mark is a positive sign or positive attitude that Nike seeks to embody the people who use their clothes and shoes.

Today, Nike, Inc. is not only producing running shoes, but also doing various sports such as football, swimming, basketball and more. The latest running shoe, LunarGlide +, has the lightweight, yet adaptive gear. On the other hand, HyperDunk, the latest basketball shoe, struggles with the Lunarlon and Phylon footboards, providing the player with lightweight but stable footwear. These are just two innovative products that deliver dynamic and optimal performance in any sport or activity.

Indeed, Nike, Inc. is one of the most influential innovators in sportswear. From the humble beginnings and now to their globally transformed company, they have never stopped innovating and revolutionizing their products. So if you want to try something new or challenge, maybe a sport, or maybe jogging or yoga, then JUST DO IT.

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