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You often do not get to buy something that promises, but this is Nike Ignite Irons for me. I bought a new Nike Ignite iron set before the start of the season (I had to go to Columbus because the pro shops do not carry them here) and all I can say is that WOW!

I've always had a decent leadership and I've done very well – but the struggle from the threshold is monumental. It does not matter if I'm in a perfect position on an upward chip or not, I've never seen myself as being able to take advantage of my iron to try and get what I wanted. Nike Ignite changed this. I'm not proud (especially my golf game), but my disability fell from 9 to 5 this year and all because I can control my chips much better with new ironers.

I've been trying to figure out exactly what Nike Ignites is, which made such a big difference. Where I just rolled on the wrong side of the border or sent a huge rumble over the green, I almost pass them over to the ordinary short green patch almost every now and then. I do not have to put green in the best position, but I rent green – which is a huge improvement for me. I think the most important difference is that the Nike Slingshot irons are lightly lighter and seem to have a great impact on the effect. With my old clubs I always pushed the shot because they were not as heavy as the oversized heads; but Nike Slingshot has a streamlined shape that runs through the swing. It's as if a goat was hanging on a stick – except that there is a great attic and not too much distance.

I think this easy design, easy pitch and quick start has basically enabled me to have more control over the club head speed to check exactly how far I hit the ball. I highly recommend the Nike Ignite Iron for all those who fight for the second or third shot in green. The best irons I've ever played!

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