Nike Heart Rate Monitors – You should consider the 4 best models

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They do not deny that Nike has always been an innovator when it comes to fitness technology. They managed the package and literally revolutionized our favorite sport. They always come up with the best products and the heartbeat control devices are no different. Nike offers only very few heart rate monitors, but all are of the highest quality and high quality. You can choose from the following four models:

The Nike Triax C8

The Nike Triax C8 is by far the best Nike-developed pacemaker monitor. It's simple yet powerful in terms of functionality and functionality. This handles all aspects of training. A very good feature is that the segment counter stops the timer. This timer allows you to count on two completely different segments. This is great for those who enjoy an interval-style workout and switching exercises for so many minutes.

The Nike Triax C5

This is a very simple and easy to use, user-friendly monitoring tool that will work for anyone. It does not matter whether you are a qualified athlete or novice. S shaped to make your wrist more comfortable. The ergonomic chest transmitter can measure the total training time and the ECG average heart rate.


This HRM is specifically targeted at women. Very elegant and S-shaped for comfort. He has a timer for training and counts the number of calories consumed during training. It helps track your cardio programmable heart rate. It has two counters and is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Nike D75

This is perhaps the simplest heart monitor device created by Nike. Very easy to use. This is a shoulderless HRM on which the pedometer is embedded in it. So it will calculate the distance, steps, and pace during the training. It also has a large LCD display, making it easy to view your stats.

And there. The top 4 Nike heart rate monitor. Although there is not a huge assortment, those that are offered, meet all aspects of training, and exceed their expectations.

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