Nike Golf Balls Explained

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2011 Nike Golf Balls Explanation

Nike has a great golf ball range in 2011 that is suitable for all golfers.

Below I will explain the game features of each ball and the type of player that the ball would match. Ability is determined by the game as well as swing speed, spin control, and technique. Information should help you make a sound decision on which golf ball to use.

Type: Budget

Features: Low compression to help golfers achieve slower speed and soft feel. Two long-term structures.

Type: Budget

Features: Durable hard shell with thumb thumbs for longer distances.

Golfers Suitability: Medium High Handicap

High speed core to increase ball speed.

Type: Low Medium Range

Features: Special cover in fabric and dimple design for low spin and longer distances.

Golfer Suitability: Medium High Handicap

High energy core for increased feeling.

Type: High Mid Range

Features: For seamless sealing design for perfect accuracy and control. Progressive density core for maximum distance for mid-swing golfers.

Players' Abilities: Low Level Handicap

Nike One Tour D (Too Long if Project RZN Releases)

Type: Top of the Range

Golf Ball. Soft Core is the distance and seamless 336 dimple softer cover for precision and control.

Type: Top of the Range

Features: Tour Professional Golf

Playground: Low Handicap / Professional

Nike One Tour Ball. Seamless 378 round soft cover for maximum spin and control. The Power Transfer Layer provides the maximum distance.

Currently, coded resin (RZN) is the first solid core golf ball whose core is non-rubber. The core is made of resin that Nike and DuPont have allegedly worked for the last 4 years.

Features: Tour Professional Golf Ball.

Golfer Suitability: Low Handicap / Professional

I hope this helps.

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