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Although Nike does not participate in football until other sports shoes such as Adidas and Puma quickly catch up. Nike's commitment to football sets and technology has been enhanced with other leading manufacturers.

Nike is making world-class soccer boots. Their philosophy is to further improve their offerings. They believe that there are some of the finest soccer shoes on the market.

Upper Material (visible part of the shoe)

The upper part of the Nike is made of 3 main materials:

  • Microfiber synthetic leather – Soft, lightweight and tough.
  • Kangaroo skin – The softest skin and very strong. The blade is well formed on your feet.
  • Full Grain Skin – not as soft as Kangaroo skin, and not so strong. But still a good choice

The top can also include a corner counter that helps strengthen and improves fit.

Wrist System

Nike uses three different wrist systems in boots. It is based on your own personal preference.

  • Symmetrical Stitching – Grass Sticks Straight to Corsets
  • Asymmetric Corsets – Corsets are pushed to increase the luggage compartment that is in contact with the ball. Improve accuracy and ball impact
  • . Larger area for finding the ball and for better contact

Medium (your leg is sitting)

The midsole is usually made of foam that is heat-compressed. Nike uses a number of different foams depending on the foot to be machined.

  • Some models use the very thin Air Zoom unit. This will bring your feet closer to the ground and allow you to make these imaginary movements easier. It is also provided without the convenience of a victim.
  • There is also the new and unique Nike injected Phylon sole that provides great comfort and pressure relief.
  • The formatted sockliner also helps in the excellent fit.

Bottom (bottom)

There are a number of different pins and shapes.

  • Circular rivets that fit perfectly
    pressure drop.
  • Blades for Grinding and Comforting the Ground
  • Bolted Rivets for Solid Ground and Replaceable Rivets for Softer Soil

There are many bold and bold colors to choose from, so choose your Nike soccer shoes performance and complement your personal style.

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