Nike Dunk SB – The Nike Dunks for skateboarders

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Nike is probably one of the biggest sports shoes in the world. He starring other players in the basketball shoes market. Traditional white basketball shoes were refreshed when Nike Dunks came to the scene of selected college and college basketball teams. It was not too long for these shoes to be discovered by fans of a new growing sport culture – time skateboarding.

The skateboarding roots were followed by the 1980s. Since the next was relatively small, the big shoe companies were not overly interested. This paved the way for smaller players, so they seized the opportunity to serve the gap.

At this time, Nike focused on Nike Dunky on the basketball court, but thanks to the technique used in the shoes, the competitors were attracted by the basketball requirements. The shoes are designed for robust grips and durability where ankle support is available and for convenience in flips and pivotes. These are the same requirements for skate skating, but during this time it was not too desirable for the underground nature of the sport. The riders bought smaller shops rather than big shoe companies.

When the skateboard industry rose to more than $ 2.5 in the early 2000s, so many brands like DC, Etnies and Osiris gained half of that growth.

Nike-made shoes are still attracted to hard skaters because of their shoes. lower profile and wider envelope. To prepare for the new market, the Nike SB line was launched in 2002 when skateboarding reached its peak. The Nike SB line did everything a skateboarder ever needed for an active pair.

The shape of the shoes in the SB line played basketball after the original Nike Dunks.
Good cushioning for wear and abrasion protection
Low-level science was applied to these shoes through the Zoom Air soles.
Extra padding on the ankle
Extra padding on the tongue for extra padding
The Dunk SBs are stronger than the conventional since Nike has three-seater sewing to the next level

for genuine users, Nike began to sell it in smaller stores where competitors usually use gear knives instead of large chain stores and huge sportswear. The Oregon Cals Pharmacy found that shoes are laughing well and are bought by genuine blue skaters.

Dunk SBs typically have a price range between $ 59 and $ 99, depending on the demand. Many legendary Nike Dunk SBs are made and rarely find these limited releases that are sold for less than $ 150. The most famous of them are the first Supremes, Heinekens, Supas, Forbes, Mulder, Tiffanys, and Calis – which are still reproduced.

While style is still great for Nike, functionality is also a huge priority. The company's ongoing efforts to serve this market are supporting skate boards for the more functional Nike Dunks that will be kneeling. Skating can be harmful to your knees at all costs. It may not be very important, but the sport is hard on your knees. Nike is working to skate young skaters until the '30s without worrying that they are still well-off in the' 50s.

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