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Nike, Inc. launched Nike Dunk in 1985 as a product line beside Nike Terminator. The plan was to replace the standard white pair and the black swoosh with the slightly introducing colors of the basketball shoe market. Their eyes were on the target and Nike knew what to do.

Designed for basketball

Nike Dunks was really about basketball players. Nike's shoes had a lower profile outsole than the previous shoes. The goal was to offer shoes that are lighter in weight, closer to the ground, and have better coating for better performance. Developments have been implemented to allow the player to achieve optimum turnaround and blocking.

The launch of the new line at various colleges and universities has started as the College Color program. Selected schools have been included in the exclusive Nike sponsorship. The jackets must have the Dunks that Nike will provide.

The eight schools selected for the Dunks program are the University of Maryland, St. John's University, Syracuse University, Villanova University, Iowa University, Kentucky University, University of Michigan, and Nevada University.

Nike Dunks' production was held for a long time until Nike resumed the line in 1998. The new Dunks have nylon and arched support – these were the signature styles that distinguish them from current releases. The shoes showed classic university colors, but new colors also appeared

An unexpected gap in skateboarding

At the beginning of the 2000s, the skateboard market started to peak. Although many riders have begun to use Dunk in the '90s, by 2002, Nike launched the Nike Dunk SB for skateboards

. they made them very good basketball shoes. Rollers needed a shoe that would be comfortable for them while they were riding. The lower profile of the outer sole made it easier to feel the board. The players of the basketball were free to move and work effectively on the track, the same qualities that skaters had better skateboarding.

Sneakerheads and their eyes for fashion

Skateboarding overlapped by a pop culture was fashion focused on the shoes. It also raised this hiphop culture, which flourished in the '90s. Sneakerhead refers to a person who wears shoes that he intends to wear for fashion and everyday wear. Most of the sports shoes can be chosen from tennis or basketball sports shoes.

Nike Dunks's return to Nike proved to be more successful. With the new branch, Nike Dunk SB, the shoe line now starts with limited spending, which often sells at crazy prices. The popularity of these special versions is attributable to the hype given to Dunks on the Internet.

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