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Like Nike, Wilson or Spalding, it does not create only basketball equipment. Because of this, Nike Basketball is not so popular with basketball pros and fans like Wilson or Spalding. Basketball practitioners do not necessarily swear on Nike Balls but still have their own fan, partly because they have a wide selection of cruel designs and colors.

For example, the Nike NBS 200 is said to be the best indoor basketball player. Its soft core delivers a pleasant experience for basketball buff, especially on smooth, synthetic covered tracks. It is light and soft, and many people like to "throw". But the NBS 200 can not be considered durable, like Spalding Basketball, since a few weeks of continuous use loses its turnaround.

What Nike is good for is the mere choice that colors and colors design. Go to a web site like and become clear at the same time. The Nike 1000 All Courts The pearlized model is a silver, glossy mirror-like surface. This is a good workout, although it is not recommended for league matches or rough play. This does not prevent basketball lovers from purchasing because it is a shiny look. Amazon sells for $ 23 (size 7). Nike Lebron James All Cours Basketball is available in three colors: red, black and white. The Amazon sells for $ 25, though the price varies depending on the site and the retailer.

Nike 2000N Touch delivers a smooth, glossy look at $ 40 at websites like The Nike Cage Grip, as the name suggests, has an eye-catching look that facilitates better traction. SportsDep is sold for $ 24. Nike Shatter is available in three colors: red, white, blue or black, red and yellow. Due to the rough appearance of a particulate artificial leather surface. Good for both indoor and outdoor play, and it's about $ 30.

Nike also produces basketballs for outdoor play, such as the Nike 1500. Men's (size 7) and women's (6-size) NBA are recommended sizes.

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