Nike and iPod work together

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What is the hot music element currently on the market? The iPod. What is one of the best sportswear? Nike. What do these two responses have in common?

Nike and Apple collaborate with Nike + iPod. All you need is a pair of Nike + shoes, the iPod nano, and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. But how does it work? Below are three steps to using the Nike + iPod Sport Kit:

1. Step – Start the sensor at your left Nike + shoe. This is simple because it has built-in pocket correction on the insole. This sensor can stay in the shoe even if it does not work out, so do not worry about taking it out after it's finished.

2nd Step If the sensor is in the shoe, the receiver must be connected to the iPod nano. Place the receiver in the dock connector at the bottom of the iPod directly into the headphone socket.

3rd Step 5: The last step is to start running. From now on, you can hear voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and all of your iPod nano songs.

The sensor, which is located on the shoe and receiver on iPod nano, allows you to see how long you spend, how far you've gone and how fast it is.

If that's enough, you can sync your results to your computer. If you connect iPod nano to your Mac or PC, it automatically eliminates training data for iTunes and From here, you can see the runs, set targets, and challenge your friends.

These new features allow you to analyze your performance. Set goals, clear records, keep track of everything. keeps statistics for every step. You can light your speed, distance, and calories. Sort all data by sorting it by week, month or month. All these data can be easily viewed from the graphical interface as it is intuitive because it is impressive. is still in touch with runners all over the world. You can challenge someone, anywhere, virtual competition. All you have to do is upload your executable statistics online and be able to compete in your own time and on the lawn.

Nike and Apple are working together to create two big companies in teens and sportswear to create a product that is really amazing.

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