Nike Air Force 1 is a great premium mica

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Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica belongs to the Nike Dunks category for women, with other products in the same category as K Jax Nike Dunk Women's Custom, Nike Dunk High 6.0 and Nike Women's Dunk's high birch ice roses, only a few are mentioned. I was always amazed at all the hype of Nike Dunk's products, but I have to admit that, since I started using these shoes, I was satisfied with it.

Nike Air Force 1's great premium mica, as soon as it's detected, after meeting, gets its name from the fact that "brushed" white Mica prints it across its entire surface, making it less appealing to attracting something, but can not tell exactly why). The shoe also has many other premium features, that is, features that you do not usually find in any shoe. because of the "big premium" name.

The Nike Air Force's greatest attraction is its simple elegance. This simplicity is achieved through the full white color scheme that Nike applies. which separates it by taking into account the fact that most Dunk products are too colorful for the purpose of humanity in terms of the elegance of the definition of simplicity or the people who think it is too old to be seen in the more colorful dunk products. It should be noted that when talking about simplicity for the Nike Air Force, it does not occur either automatically or in any way. In contrast, Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica monochromatic colors enhance the appeal of the color of white color by Mica polishing, which is not only white but also bright white. to be exact.

While the Nike Air Force 1 High Premium Mica is white, it is noticeable that it has red features, one of which appears at the top of the shoe language. Obviously, the red does not come boldly and does not interfere with the simple elegance of the basic white color scheme that was otherwise used through the shoe.

The Nike Air Force is a great shoe and does not seem to apologize for the fact. The reasonable height of the shoe's body (which moves modestly before heading towards the center, only towards the rear); the whole shoe is a high rise, thanks to the thick Nike being unique.

For Nike Air Force 1, Nike uses both a combination of both wings and shoe lace. The ear to the top of the shoe (at the highest point of the shoe); and this solution is everywhere where Nike is for the aesthetic purpose or for the practical purpose of supplementing the shoe 18-hole threading mechanism.

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