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Stars and icons have always been the source of unique fashion trends. NBA is no exception, and with our best basketball superstars, nothing is more interesting than getting to know a unique sense of fashion, and at least one such sport.

Let's start with their shoes. Often, basketball fanatics and huge fans often keep buying their shoes, which their favorite player recently wore. In every game, viewers & # 39; the eyes wait for the players to enter and mistakenly comment on the style and brand of wearing shoes. In addition to the most valuable Nike shoes, Reebok, Adidas and the like, some NBA shoe sports shoes are specially designed for them; so the brand name brand. While most of these shoes are available in the NBA store, some of them are sold strictly to privileged couples. NBA's most popular styles are high heel shoes for better ankle support and very strong shoes because their position is shocked. Others, such as the former Dallas Mavericks forward, Johnny Newman, have decided to wear lower-cut shoes for increased mobility.

Next row is the jersey. Most NBA home uniforms are predominantly white except Los Angeles Lakers, which is gold. Front print is the name of the city with the player's number. The player's name can be found on the back and the number is printed. Like shoes, some of the jerseys are branded by the most popular NBA stars, such as Jordan Jersey or Jeremy Lin Jersey.

This is the next fashion Dennis Rodman, the infamous player who tattooed on his body. Players began to decorate their arms and legs with body stamps. I also liked the tattoo on the Atlanta Hawk Jason Terry chest, which showed the hometown (Seattle) area code (206). Probably the most unique of the Portland Trail Blazers & # 39; Damon Stoudamire, tattooed on his favorite childhood hero, Mighty Mouse.

Who doesn't notice the development of these players? shorts? Boston Celtic was Larry Bird and Utah Jazz was John Stockton, who was wearing the short pants even closer. Michael Jordan then promoted the baggy shorts, followed by former Michigan former teammates, Jalen Rose and Chris Webber, both of whom preferred extra big pants. Over the years, NBA shorts were longer, but not lower than the knees.

It could raise the ladies now; Eyebrow's eyebrows, but our favorite players seemed cool and still doing. The headbands that were originally used for tennis became popular when the NBA champions such as Seattle Supersonics guard Slick Watts and Lakers & # 39; Great Wilt Chamberlain distributed the headbands on their tracks that later became part of their uniforms. Some worn headbands like uniformity in the playoffs. But the unique fashion style of the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks is not beaten by those who shaved their heads as a sign of unity of unity.

The NBA is definitely high in the fashion world. And since one of the NBA seasons comes after the other, one or one or one of the fashionable statements will remain at the top.

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