Kawasaki Shoes – Denmark's largest shoe store!

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Kawasaki Shoes is a brand that has been designed and manufactured in Denmark despite the Japanese name. These shoes are the best-selling shoe design in Denmark. The company started in Denmark 35 years ago, and although the shoe is still in its original factory, the same machine is used in the modern era and has produced many different colors today, not just black and white original shoes. Today they have a fashionable retro style, but are still made of natural materials and shoes are made in Europe.

In 1972 J Hammergaard Hansen Sport A / S was looking for comfortable badminton shoes to create the Kawasaki brand. Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) decided in the European market for thirty years in 2006. Kawasaki has proven to be a very strong competitor in the Scandinavian fashion lifestyle and is now conquering the European market.

Kawasaki Shoes takes into account world concerns about the environment and uses only natural textiles – rubber, cotton and suede – in their design and sole with the hot vulcanization method, so they are extremely flexible, comfortable and long wearing.

Kawasaki shoes are available throughout Europe, including Italy, France, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany, Austria and the Middle East.

Kawasaki shoes and boots that come in a variety of essential colors from classic black and white to soft beiges and blues. There are also some materials that feature cartoon designs with a shoe puller, perforated details, an inner zipper closure, capricious leather trim and a fabulous comfortable and flexible rubber sole.

Women also love the classic black or white fashionable, retro look sneaker, but spoiled by the assortment of countless colors and fabrics available. There are shoes in dress, suede or canvas, the logo details on the side and the self-locking keyhole closure, and of course the vulcanized rubber base to provide the utmost comfort and durability that can be expected in Kawasaki shoes . Colors and designs, streaks, checks, flower prints, and cartoons will fascinate the buffed shoe buyers. Whether you are wearing a shoe during your favorite sport or just relaxing on the beach or in the park, you love the look and feel of Kawasaki shoes.

To be Denmark's "most respected shoe", there is something special about them. Since 2006, the rest of Europe has discovered the comfort and style of leading Danish design with the Japanese name. Maybe it's time to try a couple and find out what was missing. The full range of men and women can be bought online so you can live anywhere you can find Kawasaki shoes for yourself.

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