How to put a pair of fake Gucci shoes

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Gucci shoes are the most widely imitated shoes on the market. Before you buy a pair of Gucci shoes online, make sure you do not accidentally invest in counterfeit. Read the following guidelines tips to avoid the cheap imitation of the Gucci brand

What we are looking for in a genuine Gucci shoe: All authentic Gucci shoes get an eight-digit serial number from the shoe leather lining. All serial numbers are exactly eight digits long, so please order before buying! This serial number must be discreet; it is usually located inside the shoe beside the shoe size. The "Gucci" brand should be stamped in the shoe at the corner. In addition to the brand, a "Made in Italy" stamp should be used. Both stamps must be easily visible. As always, make sure the stamps are used in a quality manner (that is, they are well-aligned, the brand name has been correctly written, etc.). Genuine designer shoes almost never reveal the designer's name, so if for some reason the "Gucci" stamp is cut or obscured, it is likely that the shoe is fake. Finally, Gucci shoes are lined with leather. The real Gucci shoe seller will be aware of this fact.

What to Look For on a Real Gucci Shoe Shoe: The authentic Gucci shoe sole should be leather. Again, an honest supplier must be able to easily answer these questions. In fact, there is a good way to test the waters if you are suspicious, ask detailed questions about the shoes you want to buy (make sure you know the correct answers!), Then look at how the seller responds.

Gucci shoe sole depends on sex. Women's Gucci shoes are worn on the bottom of the shoes with the words "Gucci" and "Made in Italy". A man's Gucci shoes can be stamped, or silver plates can be stamped in the brand name.

What to look for in a genuine Gucci shoe packaging? The original Gucci shoes are generally packed in dark brown dustbags. Bags are printed with a "double G" logo. The shoe box is also dark brown and the word "Gucci" is to be indicated on the cover. The letter must be silver

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