History of the Black Air Force

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The air force was introduced in 1982 but was discontinued the following year, only in 1986, with the logo with the Nike logo on the back of the shoe. Although the modern versions of the shoes do not have winged side seams, they have not been developed for a long time since their inception. The company produced more than 1,700 colors and perceptions up to $ 800 million in revenue. Nike has forbidden some retailers to sell them online because they have previously violated certain company rules. This brand of shoes was introduced in 1987 and was a flat-footed version for regular wear. This shoe can be customized to any color, either black or white.

Swoosh and heel can be any color. Air Force III arrived in 1988, the most popular in the series, and wears many basketball stars. It was very durable, stable than the previous models. At that time, people bought these shoes with one of the shoes of white or gray or the black air force, but later more colors were added to the list. In 1989 they launched the IV. Model, also known as STS. He wore David Robinson's rookie days. Designed for the leopard print base, the height was higher than the previous models, making the generation of basketball players very popular. So, learn some stories before you buy the Air Force.

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