Got stuck with smelly football feathers? What can you do to solve this problem?

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Heat may cause the feet to sweat to leave moisture and smells in the football. The fact that in order to be comfortable in football, it increases the chances of stifling smelly ball games. Even worse, if you leave them in your bag instead of lifting air. The odors are quite strong and unbearable, but fortunately it is not impossible to get rid of them.

Like anything else, it's best to try to prevent smells. If you want to eliminate this stinking problem, then:

· Clean them after each exercise or play and let them dry; cleaning should be consistent

· Choose K-leather on synthetic materials because the skin is breathable and therefore does not adhere to the odors.

· Immediately remove them after playing in the bag; then load them with a dry newspaper when you get to your home to absorb moisture and fluid.

· Dry the air with air in a shady, dry place outdoors, under the influence of direct sunlight, which may be detrimental. thoroughly after washing or cleaning, are dry before re-wearing them in your game

· Find the right soccer socks; the absorbent socks are better and have the right thickness to avoid excessive sweating during the game; consider absorbing socks to get more; because of the alternation of games, the football clings to the air, thus fighting the bacteria and keeping the smell in the cove

· Make sure your feet are clean and dry every time you wear soccer and socks; it is also important not to use it again before washing socks.

If it's too late to stop smells and we're already smelly, we can use the following tips to get rid of smell. · Use the manufacturer's instructions to wash the soccer cap; wash thoroughly and thoroughly after drying

· After drying, sprinkle baking soda in each of them, then rinse the baking soda with water, to absorb the odor. Soda should be left for 24 hours or 72 hours for best results. Also consider using a leg-removing powder, then use a hand-held vacuum to remove dust

· Use good quality wicker mud to neutralize smell by killing all bacteria; it has a smell that absorbs moisture, eliminates odors and prevents bacteria from finding the right flame.

There is no reason why you should grab the stinking buds. Simple preventive measures can prevent the problem and apply simple removal steps if the problem already exists.

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