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Perhaps only in Golf's game would be the popular advertisement "Successful Dress" ringing is so true. They never realize the social status of the game. In fact, it is often seen as a success. Everyone in golf clubs, accessories, dresses and golf shoes in a golf club ponders and considers everyone's interaction and belongings as a status of success or bank account.

However, annoyance has another positive effect than contributing to one social factor, however minimal. This allows, for example, greener grip. Green grass can sometimes be damp and when wet, the occurrence of slippages is not so rare, especially on unclean shoes. Some shoes also provide comfort comfort or not, such as Nike Golf Shoes Verdana Limited embedded Heel Air and Forefront Zoom Air, which for my life I can not understand what you are using. Is this an interesting conversation?

Golf shoes have long been considered fashion accessories and nothing more. You can do it and be comfortable with an ordinary polished pair. So why are these revolutionary golf shoes running? Can more fashion be imagined? You will be surprised by the technology that was embedded in golf shoes, which really was just the tie. Why do you believe that golf shoes need a pinch that allows a little twist and allows you to reach longer driving? You're the judge. Here are the best ones.

Nike Verdana Limited Line Line up to $ 34.95

* Innersole: Encapsulated Heel Air and Forefoot Zoom Air Unit
What To Do: Provides flexible padding for the shoe life.

* Perfect, full grain leather with watertight waterproof membrane
What to do: Keep your feet dry, even outside the wheels.

* T @ C rubber outsole technology with LP Scorpion Spikes and Q-LOK system.

* 1 year limited waterproof warranty.

* 45 day limited comfort guarantee.

Perhaps the most useful option is surprisingly the guarantees. Perhaps the cushioning will provide comfort as the distances are long distances. Then again, the golf courses were made on the ground, not cement, so there was no need for additional padding for what ordinary shoes would allow. And did you understand that the waterproofness of the flexible granular skin was not designed? This would be a practical option, especially when the water starts before the warranty expires. Then again, most shoes are waterproof and do not carry the "Water Shield Waterproof Membrane" price tag. So you bitch? Perhaps all these can be useful for you, cushion plus waterproof plus warranty.

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