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The number of golf balloons has been increasing steadily over the last century, especially later. Originally, there were only a few brands, such as the Precept, which held most markets. It should be made clear that, at the beginning of the twentieth century, golf was not as popular sport as it is today. So the demand for golf balls and accessories is much later. Now that the demand for golf balls grew with other golf equipment, the number of golf ball manufacturers compete with each other for a stronger presence on the market. The market grew so fast that the number of balls fell to a few years later. Although many of the new companies, like in other production areas, had to be stopped later, but the number of existing manufacturers was many times as before.

Nowadays, sport is still rising from the point of view of popularity, the manufacturer list is long enough. This is a positive development for customers as they offer a wider choice today. Indeed, the wild competition between the golf ball manufacturers significantly reduced the prices. In addition, newcomers also intentionally make efforts to make cheaper balls for amateurs and golfers who can use them in practice.

Some of the major golf ball manufacturers today have been Ben Hogan Golf, Bridgestone Golf (the parent company of the Precept), Callaway Golf, Dunlop Sports, Hippo (Europe's largest golf equipment manufacturer), Jazz Golf Canada's golfing company, Kasco Golf, Maxfli (TaylorMade Division), Nike Golf, Ping Golf, Pinnacle, Precept, Pro-Curio Golf, Srixon, TaylorMade Golf, Titleist and Top-Flite / Strata (Callaway Division) , Vulcan Golf, Wilson Golf and Yonex.

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