Golf Bag Compare – Shopping Bags for Bag Boy, Nike, Sun Mountain, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson

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We recently reviewed and compared in 2008 the hottest new golf bags (basket bags). These included the Bag Boy revolver, the Nike Tour II, the Sun Mountain C-130, the TaylorMade GTR, the Titleist SC85 and the Wilson Performance cart

Golfbags will be better and better every year for 2008 it is no exception. Each bag would be a great choice, but one of the best ones – the Titleist SC85. We love this bag because it is the lightest (6.0 pounds) and $ 159.95, which is the second cheapest bundle. The Wilson Performance Bag is 10 dollars cheaper at 11.3 lbs; such as the Titleist SC85.

Below is a brief description of each of the bags:

Bag Boy Revolver He was impressed with the Bag Boy Revolver baggages when we first checked the PGA Merchandise Show. The Revolver has an innovative 360-degree revolving surface where the entire central pipe component (the top part where the clubs are attached) rotates inside the bag.

Revolver also emphasizes Bag Boy's patented Grip-Lok technology. Includes 14 unique club handles complemented by a new Shaft Lock system designed to lock clubs securely from the bottom of the bag. This technology prevents club heads and shafts from shrinking if the bag is worn, pushed by a trolley car or on a gas car.

Planning changes for 2008:

  • PVC bottom, cast body handle for increased durability
  • Cast rubber handle for easier lifting
  • Larger cooler pocket for easy access
  • New textured fabric
  • New, full size towel ring
  • New Colors
  • Features:
  • 10-inch, 14-way rotating top full length splitter
  • The patented grip-lock technology keeps the clubs firmly in place, preventing them from breaking, causing damage to the clubs
  • Double pulley system prevents the bag from twisting on the car
  • The pocket 12 provides plenty of storage, including two cool pockets and gift pockets
  • Molded handles for comfortable and easy lifting
  • The folding hinge system hides the shoulder, if not in use (in the back)
  • Two comfortable external clips
  • Oversized, lightweight accessory ball pocket
  • Ergonomic rubber handle
  • 420 D Tartane and Dobby Nylon
  • Includes Rainforest
  • Weight: 9.5 lbs

Nike Tour II

The bag bag includes a 14-way full length separator and an outer box

  • 9.5-inch oval top
  • Individual, 14-way, full-length splitting system with outer boxed fountain
  • 12 pocket-facing pockets (including segmented fur coat, valuables pocket and insulated cool pocket)
  • Provides easy access to the arm fixing system
  • Built-in T-shirt Holder and Golf Ball Quick Coupling Case
  • New dual durometer, anti-slip bag base
  • Logo breaking is compatible
  • Zip-off ball pocket
  • Includes raincoat
  • All Club Size


The C-130 makes everything happen! New colors for 2008!

Planning changes for 2008:

  • Add Ball Ball Cover
  • New Colors Available


  • specially designed for use with riding trolleys
  • 8.0 lb., is extremely light for its size
  • 10 "oval top with 14 full-length box dividers, with built-in upper handle, with formatted lifting handles and putter tube
  • Anti-slip rubber feet are formed into the bottom so the bag is securely mounted on a rider
  • Putter tube mounted on the top of the bag; keeps the wand protected and at your fingertips
  • The umbrella puts a fabric tube in his clothing pocket
  • Available in all shopping bags
  • Peak race for horse racing cars – short irons for long irons and forests
  • Two handles are on top of the bag so the bag can be lifted to the car
  • Among 10 pockets:
  • Insulated beverage powder
  • Two velor-lined luggage pockets
  • Two full-length clothing pockets
  • The belt buckles the strap in the basket
  • Fluffy deck
  • Two pen holders
  • All zippers have zip fastening with E-Z
  • Built-in shaping lift handle
  • Double towel racks
  • Appropriate Rains


The GTR basket bag with a 14-way upper full length splitter.


  • 420 D Textile Woven Nylon
  • 14-Way Connected NON-Detection System
  • TPR rubber molded side ventilation
  • 9 zipped pockets for maximum storage
  • Velor-lined gift pocket
  • Integrated umbrella holder
  • TM Spark Plug Icon with zipper
  • TM rubber carabiner clip
  • Rain Hood
  • Weighting 8.0 lbs

    Titleist SC85

    The Ultimate Lightweight Bag Case

    Reverse Top Cuff design with a popular 14 way splitter system with multiple pockets and lightweight materials makes this bag ideal for the most commonly used player for. It works smoothly on a motorized carriage or pull cart and is available with all eight zipper pockets while the golf bag is in the car. Handles and cushioned straps handle the bag together.

    • Material: Woven polyester
    • Weight: 6.0 lbs.
    • Available Colors: Navy / Orange, Black, Charcoal / Shovel, Black / Platinum

    Wilson Staff Performance

    19659002 ]

  • 8.5 "x 10", 14 square diamond-full, full length splitters and mesh shaft shielding
  • 12 sealed pockets, including waterproof, No-H20 sachet
  • Front organizational panel with pen holder, Velcro fastening gloves
  • Side Putter Clip
  • Click here on Bags and other Cart Bag

    " GTR Mountain [19659093] C-130

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