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I heard a bit about the Nike Plus plugin for iPod Nano and I decided to go ahead and buy one. First you need Nike shoes that are a +, which is a hole inside the shoes. Then you have to buy the package for about $ 30, which includes a small plastic ball and a small plugin for Nano. After you use the ball in your shoe and the plug in iPod Nano, you're ready. A new field appears on the iPod's main screen, called "Nike Plus".

There are some options with Nike Plus. You can create your own workout, set up a "Power Song" and choose male or female voice among the other options. Nike Plus will keep track of how far you go, pace and track your record time. I used the treadmill to compare how accurate and really dead. I was really impressed.

I usually ran a mile before my workout, and I'm running 3 miles a minute. First, Nike Plus was a lot of fun, but in a couple of weeks I lost my desire to use it in my 1 mile warm-up. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who runs 10 miles per week. Otherwise, you probably do not run enough to really need it. Plus, if you do not have the shoes you used, you should buy a party that can run from 70 to 150 dollars. I'm sure the plastic ball is placed on the lace with the rest of the shoes, but it may not work the same way.

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