F50 Adopt Prime

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The new version that follows crazy embroidered AdiZero Mk I, the F50 adiZero Prime has created an absurd new standard in ultra-fast footwear by lowering the firstborn model to a modest 20g. The most valuable culmination of the 2010 World Championships is the original Adidas AdiZero, which was launched in two alternative types, the leather and the synthetic genre – an artificial version of the small one hundred and sixty-five grams of scales.

The new adiZero Prime will only be available in Synthetics, but there are a number of special tweaks that can benefit just 145 grams of shoes. Astonishingly, the f50 adizero was not the easiest boots on the market last year, with German competitors Puma pulled the plaudits 155 grams v1.10 sl; Except for the new adiZero Prime, apparently, the adidas legendary three stripes slip from its highest position.

Among the causes of weight loss is the upper one. This freshly designed material was placed on the new f50 adizero primer and again a piece of artificial leather for the optimum auxiliary tool, ball contact and, of course, lower weight.

The TPU frame on the ground; It is known that the German brand is the true fans of the TPU, including the original F50 adiZero support bands, and we re-look at the "dark shades" up the bottom plate and top.

This impressive aspect keeps the space away from the frame and the top (often moving in a different direction) and has longer, durable, comfortable pairs of guys.

Adidas has devoted attention to new shoe details, little (and bulletproof) Kevlar cords used to ensure that any excess material is removed from these well-defined football shoes.

Most of the soccer boots for consumers are the price. At? 260/400 dollars, these are the only expensive shoes adidas ever made.

Are football players questioned? 275 price tags for the Nike Mercurials when it was launched and the? The Adidas AdiZero Prime 260 has been adidas' trademark for their soccer boots with the same "prestigious" price level that their competition has built.

How did adidas make the weightless, fastest leg in the park? A revolutionary, unique layered artificial composite that uses extremely strong but lightweight Kelvar corsets. The signal is a 5.1-hour machine. If you fill the charge for ninety minutes, you should not save an extra ounce, which means you can not afford not to show these shoes.

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