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Nike Dunks is a synonym for shoe industry. These shoes are fashionable and artistic, and are Nike's latest color creations. The latest shoe repair has earned Nike at the top. This again seeks to demonstrate over and over again that their brands are the best and are able to introduce fashionable and classic shoes to satisfy elite masses.

The Nike Dunks elite and classic footwear, introduced in the early eighties. This is done with the intention of meeting the needs of basketball. When playing basketball, there are many sports enthusiasts in America. Nike hit the button at the right moment, grabbed the opportunity, and basketball and sports enthusiasts issued primary footwear. When you talk about basketball, you talk about Michael Jordan. He was the one who really found the game interesting, and this opportunity Nike announced had advertised his shoes under Nike Air Force. Nike Dunks has been more diversified since the beginning and the design has changed about 21 times. This was done taking into account changes in the fashion industry and keeping young people in mind.

Initially, a simple rubber band was used to make Nike Dunks. This was done with the intention of attracting basketball fans. With the changes in people's preferences and preferences, the focus was primarily on basketball to take on skateboarding. This sport was popularized in the early nineties. With the changes in people's preferences, Nike introduced a shoe that would suit both basketball and skateboard.

There are similarities in these sports. Nike has identified this and has introduced Nike Dunks SB's new brand at the right time. It was a success story. Both skating and basketball require fast foot movements combined with strong cardboard boxes. Nike Dunks SB was successful in achieving them. The thin canvas was replaced with the old Nike shoe rafters and replaced the air and cracked skins. The outline was a double seam. This cave is a shoe with a stylish and elegant look. Tight tongues have been added with some color patterns to enhance the look of the shoes. Nike dunks are about 65 varieties. Varied designs capture the attention of the public and everyone wants to wear a stylish look that Nike can comfortably provide.

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