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Here are some fun, less well known facts about tennis champion Maria Sharapova

. He started playing tennis in the four year old age. He attended the Tenis Academy in Florida when he was nine.

2. Home school and web studies. He has no particular plan to attend a dormitory, as he believes there is no point in spending time at college to develop a career when approving transactions and cash bonuses have been well established

. On her 14th birthday she became a professional tennis player.

4. Sharapova's fifteen-year-old was the youngest person to get to the Australian Open tournaments.

5. Prefer Thai and Russian food. Your favorite dish of Crepes served Nutella cream

6. Your favorite drink for Orangina.

7. Some of his favorite movies are Pearl Harbor, Mona Lisa's smile and love.

8. Apart from courts, fashion and modeling are of interest. She is a swimwear model and is signed with the IMG Modeling agency.

9. Maria Sharapova's profile was the most popular Yahoo between 2005-2008. It seems that people are more interested in the statistics of Maria Sharapova.

10. At the age of seventeen he won the Grand Slam title.

11. Nike was signed at the age of eleven by its first approval agreement.

12. He is not just a world-famous superstar; he is also a UN ambassador ambassador.

13. His parents are survivors of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986; Sharapova was generously donated to Chernobyl projects.

14. First, they met the tennis legend Martina Navratilova, who advised her father to take her daughter at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida.

15. The "Sharapova" family name is actually about "sharr-AA-puh-vuh", as opposed to "shuh-ruh-POH-vuh". She became the first Russian woman to give Number Uno in August 2005. Enthusiastic stamp collector.

18. He is considered for Forbes Magazine's highest paid female athlete for seven years in a row. In 2010 he got a staggering $ 25 million with a $ 70 million grant agreement with Nike declined

19. Finds an old American tennis star Andy Roddick.

20. In 2007, he made the list of Top Ten Supported Bachelorettes, which beat Paris Hilton and Keira Knightley.

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