Cheap new Nike Air Force One shoes

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Looking for cheap Nike Air Force One shoes that offer great designs?

A low-cost new Nike Air Force can be a footwear item from Nike, Inc.

[1] Design by Bruce Kilgore. It was the first basketball to use Nike air technology.

[2] The name really refers to Air Force One, the president of the United States. Footwear is sold in three types: Air Force One is low, middle, and hightops, and different colors, variants, textures and patterns are available. The two most typical varieties with 1st Force would be the whole white and all the black pairs. The High-Top version can be from the shoe and comes with a non-removable strap, one beyond the best.

Force 1 was created in 1982 and has been canceled for the following year. It was re-released in 1986 using today's trendy Nike logo, using a Swoosh with the back around the shoe. Small shoes of this type were transformed because it was formed in 1982, although the individual seam around the side panels no longer appears in the modern versions of the shoe. Because more than 700 color variants have already been completed, it results in approximately $ 800 million in revenue per year.

[3] Nike, who has limited the supply of shoes, bans Air Force One's online promotion by some merchants.

[4] The shoe was originally related to the popular shoes of downtown youth, then to hip-hop artists and street gamers. Rappers Nelly, as well as St. Louis Lunatics, wore a 2002 "Air Force One" for shoes. Thanks to the comprehensive performance shoe, AF1 Sale is still as good for street performances as it is for special lectures. NBA players Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse use AF1 before the game.

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