Adidas Predator Absolute Soccer Cleats – Are You Better Just New and Fantastic?

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Adidas Predator Absolute cleats is a perfect soccer shoe, like any Predators. They are well built with many elements that are very comfortable. And this is the most important aspect of football: comfort. And them.

The question is:

Adidas Predator Absolute better than its previous version – the Predator Pulse?

I'm not sure. Actually, I do not think it's a huge improvement. Of course, in order to release a new version, Adidas had to add or alter something outside its name.

  1. So:
    1. Without adding another insole, 40g weight (Power Pulse) that can be replaced with Power Pulse insole and transforming the back of the spine without Predators … Power Pulse (but a lot easier). In a sense you change Predator Absolut … Predator Mania (Predator Pulse Version). Is this better than the Predators with constant Power Pulse technology? I think … but I'm not convinced.
    2. Changing or re-designing Predator technology. I do not care where and where the rubber (or liquid rubber) batteries are placed on the shoe, there will simply not be a player who produces super star quality. Of course, Predator technology can help a bit, but it does not matter to score goals as free kicks like Beckham or Zidane just because they have predator elements. In order to do this, exercise, practice and practice.
    3. Changes the number of corner tables. Smaller (which is good – more comfort) but hopefully gives you stability and protection than the old version.

    So, why do I think Adidas Predator Absolute is not as good as Predator Pulse?

    This is because I think these changes (improvements?) Do not make Predator Absolute more comfortable than the Predator Pulse (which was otherwise very comfortable). Maybe the smaller outer corner counter makes a small difference, but … just a little bit. I am confident that your level of qualification or your game, your shot, handover, etc. It will not improve, just because Predator Absolute is rebuilt with predator elements.

    What I'm trying to tell you is that if money is a problem or not necessarily all models of Adidas football clips should immediately exploit the price "revolution" on the Adidas cleats market (always happens when a new model comes out) and for yourself a good quality soccer shoes is much less.

    The "old" Predators Pulse is still as awesome as a few months ago, but … they are much cheaper now (about 40%).

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