Adidas MiCoach Review

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Adidas MiCoach is a running tool that can be useful in achieving goals and achieving the best for ourselves. I started using this app in the spring of 2011 and I use it every year when I can get back to it once.


This application has many options to start your workout so you can customize it to fitness level and what you feel on that day.

– Your Plan

You can set up a plan that will serve you and target your specific goals by visiting your website and setting it up and synchronizing the plan with the application on your phone. You can choose how many days a week and the running level are chosen so that you do not burn yourself. The cool function you get at the start of your plan is an evaluation exercise that shows where you are personally and how the app attracts your results. These plans will help you during your workout when a coach tells you about your workout and presses it when it is loose. If you are tired of a coach, you can change the sound and the person to another.

-Free Run / Free Walking

This is a good opportunity for days when you only want to go at your own pace without the coach trying. It's great in your workout, or sometimes rather than plan workouts.



GPS tracking is a great way to show your routes or share with others. GPS maps after my workout I feel that I felt good to see how far I walked through my work. Sometimes GPS tracking is a bit of a signal for weather and clouds, but overall it works well. I probably have only one or two runs that I did without, because it took too much time for GPS to work.

-Calories Burned-

I like this feature !!! The app uses your weight, height, gender and age to evaluate how many calories have been burned during exercise. It's a great thing to target yourself or your goals, how many calories you want to burn or how to defeat the final score. It's great to use apps like "My Fitness Pal" so you can enter accurate calories in your workout.

-Distance & Pace-

This feature is great for tracking how far you run, how fast you run every km / mile. It's great if you're training in a tournament and you want to make sure you need to reach the distant distance. The miles / mile speeds considerably increase running time and fitness levels.

– Number of Steps / Steps –

You can track your heart rate through training and how many steps you have taken. I did not use these features because I do not have a pedometer that synchronizes the application or a heart rate monitor with blue tooth.

-Shoes, Achievements & History-

is the app when you buy them and the application will track their wear to help you decide when to replace them. The results of the application are great for showing the overall development of all your workouts. They give badges to your achievements to motivate you. The application synchronizes MiCoach's website after each workout, which is nice because it keeps all the workouts for you. So you can see progress or how you did it on a given day. All my workouts are visible from 2011 to today. I like


I highly recommend this application !!! Free and full of fun, motivational features. It's good and easy to use.

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