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What to call your company? I ask a lot. "I want to order a contact, but I have to find a name first. What's the good name for my company?"

Some absolute things must be considered before making the final decision. In special order, they are:

1. Is the name available to your Secretary of State? You don't want to spend much on marketing to find out later that you can't use the name because someone first registered it.

2nd Is the web domain available with your company name? Check domain registration sites such as GoDaddy.com. It's important to have your company name in the domain of the web domain, as potential customers can first see you. And potential customers online check to see if they have a good web presence.

3rd If you tell me what you're doing in your name? If you tell us what you are doing, it can be a big part of your marketing campaign. For example, we are real estate investors and our name is J&K Property Investors. The name of our company gives some idea of ​​the people we do. If you're a bakery, the name of the company can name Bakery. Exxon, Nike, Apple, and McDonalds only mention a few and don't mention what they're doing in their stores. If you do not plan to spend as much money as companies do on marketing, the name you do can help in the message.

4th Choose a name that you can easily write. You don't want your customers to respect your name over and over again.

5th Don't use numbers because customers will not be sure if they are using the number or they are writing. It can be distinguished online and not. Plus, you get this question over and over again, which quickly becomes annoying

6. The shorter is always better to help people write and type correctly when typing online.

7th Use your company name in your email address? If you plan to do so, the short and easy spelling is better

. Don't do it. Only you and your mother remember the name of your company. People do not care about what they call a business – they care about what you can do for them.

How did you choose your company name? Are you satisfied with it? What tips can you share?

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