3D Street Art is a dream of an advertising man

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3D Street Art has been around since the 16th century. Originally the Italian Renaissance Madonarro and the 39th Trompe l & lr 39 painters in France are still very popular, and the spell was captured by Wiley Admen in the 21st century.

3D Street Art creates a 3D effect from a 2D image when looking through the camera lens. Art is extremely difficult, and today only the talented artists, including Julian Beever, Edgar Muller, and the British art team of street advertising services have perfected it. The lens is a close-knit object with a compact and compressed object, and objects in the distance are painted in an outstretched way, the effect being the mind blowing the illusion of the eye and the 3D depth. In recent years, advertising agencies have turned to 3D pavement experts to create effective advertising and PR campaigns.

So how does it work and why is it so effective? t Not what is the best ad? Have fun and inform, and this 3D pavement art is so good. When a consumer sees a 3D street art, he / she recognizes the image and shape of the content, but only if they are advised to look through the lens of their mobile camera to make the spell happen. There is always a & quot; aha & # 39; the moment the picture jumps into their eyes, which makes them fun. The next step in the process is asking the consumer how it works and what is it? This is an opportunity for brand ambassadors to explain the 3D process and inform them about the brand's message.

OK, so 3D street art works great in an experience campaign or live event, what other benefits?

Not only does the consumer entertain and inform the artwork, but the next step is to interact with the image. Encourage the artist and the brand ambassadors to take the picture and take their photos. The photo is made for the consumer's mobile phone and uploads the photo to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to show their friends and family. The result? The beginning of a viral campaign.

Are there any other methods for 3D street art for a brand?

The biggest advantage of using 3D in advertising or PR campaigns is the free media display. As the images work well on photos, press exposure is almost expected.

Street Advertising Services 3D street art campaigns have been featured in all UK national newspapers as well as in regions and television exposures such as BBC News, Sky News and Blue Peter! There are some excellent case studies on whether 3D street art can be used effectively in the next campaign.

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